As the cost of living skyrockets for everyone throughout the UK, reducing the cost of heating has become even more important for many.
Without question, all of us will be spending more to keep our homes warm. Where possible, we should consider investing into more efficient heating systems.

If you have non-condensing boiler, you can make huge efficiency savings. A non-condensing boiler would be at least 17 years old by now and should be replaced with a high efficiency condensing boiler. All boilers that are installed now are condensing boilers that will make considerable efficiency improvements. Another bonus is the new boilers come with up to twelve year guarantees, giving long term peace of mind that you will not incur repair costs in the future.

Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) on every radiator in the house (except in the room where the room thermostat is located). The average saving for a system with TRVs against one without is around 18%, and can be higher depending on the home size.

Finally, homeowners can often forget the importance of the boiler maintenance Golden Rule – service the boiler annually. An annual service will maintain the combustion efficiency of the boiler, as well as ensure its longevity. Avoiding the annual service can also make certain boiler warranties void, so it is a really important cost effective process to continue with.